Six Takeaways From Republican Victories on Tuesday Night

Six Takeaways from Republican Victories on Tuesday Night

( – On Tuesday, November 2, voters in Virginia, New Jersey, and Minnesota handed Democrats a demoralizing defeat. It was a fantastic night for Conservatives and Moderates. In Virginia, voters elected a Conservative governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general and returned the statehouse to Republican control for the first time in over a decade. In New Jersey, the GOP gubernatorial candidate is neck and neck with the incumbent Democratic governor. In Minneapolis, voters resoundingly defeated an initiative to defund the police.

While on the surface, this is exciting news for Conservatives, the details of what happened and why paint a bright future for Republicans in most states across the country, including hopes the GOP will take back Congress in 2022. Let’s take a closer look at the six crucial takeaways from Tuesday’s elections.

It’s the Economy Stupid

According to exit polls, the most important issue for voters in Virginia was the economy. Over the last 10 months, Democrats were on an anti-Trump, anti-Capitalist tear as they moved to pass a radical economic agenda. In March, Congressional Democrats passed a $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill on a partisan basis that some economists said overheated the economy and contributed to the rise of inflation. In addition, right out of the gate, Biden reversed course on US energy policy, reducing America from being energy independent to dependent, and has called on OPEC to rescue him while ignoring America’s energy companies.

Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe didn’t run on the economy. He couldn’t because he espoused the policies Democrats are trying to pass in Congress that economists say could cause inflation to spike even higher and for longer. He saw the polling on the views of independents he needed to win. Yet, GOP candidate Glenn Youngkin ran on eliminating grocery taxes and instituting Conservative economic policies to help people at the state level.

Critical Race Theory

Nothing stirs up people more than messing with their wallets and their children. School districts are responsible for both, and in Loudoun County, they botched it in a big way. Suburban voters, Independents, and women turned out in force for Republican candidates, reversing the slide that occurred in 2020. While Democrats, McAuliffe, and the media tried to say the issue was a red herring, parents who experienced teachers pushing CRT informally and formally knew otherwise.

One can only fool people for so long when the evidence is staring them in the face.

Fake Labels

McAuliffe followed the Democratic playbook to a tee. When it became apparent he was in trouble, McAuliffe abandoned the issues. He tried labeling Youngkin as a Trump acolyte and set up the campaign’s ideology as a choice between himself and the former president, who was mostly absent from the campaign. In addition, McAuliffe resorted to bringing in big Democratic names, and together, they tried labeling the Republican candidate as a racist and insurrectionist.

Voters apparently are catching on to the game, and Republicans swept the state despite the misinformation campaign.

Independents Flee Democrats

Over the last few months, polls showed Independents were fleeing Democrats in significant numbers. On Tuesday night, the reality hit home in the only polls that matter. Independents cast their votes for Youngkin 54% to 45% for McAuliffe. A year ago, Biden won Virginia with 57% of the Independent vote.

If polling trends among Independents continue into 2022, it will likely spell disaster for Democrats up and down the ballot.

Suburban Women Flipped

In exit polls, women shockingly broke hard for Youngkin 57% to 43%. In 2020, Biden carried women 50% to 49%. For the last decade, Democrats made significant inroads with women based on social issues. In recent months, it appears women have been more concerned about their livelihoods and improving the lives and education of their children.

Abortion Not a Top Issue for Voters

Democrats continue to try and woo women voters on abortion. However, only one-tenth of voters said abortion was essential to their vote. Among Democrats, the issue might only be important to hardcore feminists.

So, if you put Virginia and New Jersey elections in context, Democrats are losing voter base. Is it possible that Democrats were only renting suburban voters while the GOP expanded its base in rural America? In a developing trend, Democrats are losing voters to the GOP in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Florida by around 200,000 each in just two years.

Progressives have a problem, and it’s not limited to Virginia or New Jersey. In Minneapolis, voters heavily rejected the ‘defund the police’ movement. In numerous mayoral and congressional races nationwide, Progressives trailed or lost to Moderate or classical Liberals.

Are Moderate Democrats paying attention to what’s going on in their districts and states? If not, the greatest takeaway from Tuesday night might be that Democrats are in big trouble heading into 2022. The question is, like Bill Clinton, will the party reverse course and Moderate?

Don’t bank on it, but anything is possible.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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