Skysurfer Sets Dizzying World Record

Skysurfer Sets Dizzying World Record

( – Santa and his reindeer might not be the only ones in the sky this Christmas. In Egypt, an American man has been doing death-defying stunts high above the ground and he set a world record in the process.

On November 1, Keith “Kebe” Edward Snyder jumped out of an Egyptian military C130 while 13,500 feet in the sky — with a surfboard attached to his feet. There, he did 160 helicopter spins, setting a new world record. He said that when he jumped out of the plane it was a “very amazing, very powerful feeling.” His stunt earned him the Guinness World Record.

The skysurfer isn’t new to the sport. Snyder has won national championships in the US in the past. He was also an alternate in the X Games before it removed the sport from its lineup.

Snyder doesn’t plan to just let his current record sit there. He wants to break it already. During an interview with Guinness after he set the record, he said he wants to challenge the record he set himself and he believes he’s already gained speed. The athlete also said he wants to “investigate a little bit the physics of it.”

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