Social Justice Sparks Surprising Industry

Social Justice Sparks Surprising Industry

( – As Americans face uncertainty related to COVID-19, civil unrest, and promises by politicians to defund police, they’re buying guns at an unprecedented rate. Many new gun owners expressed concerns about personal safety as the main reason for purchasing a firearm. In June, background checks for weapons increased 136% over the same time in 2019.

Handguns are the most popular weapon purchased for personal protection. For every rifle or shotgun purchased, two handguns are bought. According to the Brookings Institute, nearly three million more guns were sold from March through June than usual. The FBI processed 7.8 million background checks, according to the National Shooting Foundation. Much of the spike occurred immediately after COVID-19 shutdown orders and then again after the killing of George Floyd that sparked protests and riots across the country.

Background checks do not represent the number of guns purchased as people can buy multiple firearms at one time. The federal government does not track gun sales. Additionally, private gun sales do not require a background check in some states. Still, the number of reported sales is astonishing — and it doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.


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