Social Media Giant Considering Changes to Political Ads

Social Media Giant Considering Changes to Political Ads

Google announced recently that it will be changing how political advertisers can decide who their ads are targeted towards, and Facebook might be following their lead.

In January of next year, political advertisers on Google will no longer be able to target ads using voter records or political affiliations. Instead, they can only use broad categories like age, zip code or gender.

When asked about the changes, Vice President of Product Management for Google Ads said,

“Given recent concerns and debates about political advertising, and the importance of shared trust in the democratic process, we want to improve voters’ confidence in the political ads they may see on our ad platforms.”

The same topic came up earlier this week when Facebook executive Carolyn Everson told people attending a conference that the company will not restrict how political ads target people. After some backlash, she issued an apparent about-face on Thursday saying, “As we’ve said, we are looking at different ways we might refine our approach to political ads.”

People have already started speaking out against the potential changes on Facebook. Trump’s Campaign Digital Director, Gary Coby, made his opinion known on Twitter.

It will be interesting to see if Facebook gives into peer pressure or keeps its original promise of not changing how their political ads work.

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