Soros Defeated — Election Integrity Law Upheld

Soros Defeated --- Election Integrity Law Upheld

George Soros DEFEATED – Giant Court Ruling!

( – After the dust settled from the 2020 presidential election, Arizona was one of several GOP-led states that overhauled its polling laws. Reformers said the proposals preserved the integrity of elections while also preventing cheating. Activists funded by left-wing billionaire Geroge Soros attempted to override the elected legislature using the power of the polls in the Arizona Constitution.

If successfully approved by voters, they would have repealed numerous election-integrity proposals GOP Gov. Doug Ducey signed into law. The activists submitted over 475,000 signatures to submit Proposition 210 on the November ballot. On Friday, August 26, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled the measure couldn’t appear on the ballot because it lacked valid signatures.

State Supreme Court Forces the Issues

If voters approved Proposition 210, it might have completely eradicated state reform laws. So, what would the controversial provision have reversed? It would have:

  • Made same-day voter registration legal.
  • Repealed a legislative ban on harvest balloting.
  • Repealed voter registration identification.
  • Disqualified Electoral College electors who didn’t vote with the popular vote.
  • Eliminated a 30-day residency requirement to cast a ballot.
  • Made it difficult for polling officials to clear the voter rolls of inactive voters.

Conservatives challenged the validity of the signatures. Ahead of the State Supreme Court ruling on Friday, a lower chamber issued an opinion rejecting thousands of them. Still, it didn’t come without its own drama. Maricopa County Judge Joseph Mikitish didn’t meet an initial deadline set by the Justices to explain how he arrived at a previous decision allowing the measure to go forward. In his final decision, Mikitish said Proposition 210 fell 1,458 signatures short of the 237,645 needed to qualify for the November ballot.

Satisfied, the Arizona Supreme Court agreed and rejected the measure. The proposal would have reversed state laws in time for the 2024 presidential election if the effort had gone through.

Decision Shows Importance of Election Integrity Safeguards

Speaking with Breitbart News, Ken Blackwell, the Center for Election Integrity at the America First Policy Institute (AFPI) chairman, said the Court demonstrated the necessity of polling integrity laws. He claimed not enough legal voters supported the measure, and that was the exact point of the rules the Left wanted to discard. He noted that Proposition 210 wanted to eradicate necessary safeguards, highlighting their need.

Blackwell added the legal victory showed the people are more powerful than militant far-left activists like George Soros. He stated America is a center-right country, and the people have enough sense and principles to defeat the Left.

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