South Dakota Lawmakers Seek to Nullify Biden’s Orders

South Dakota Lawmakers Seek to Nullify Biden's Orders

( – In the first few weeks of Joe Biden’s administration he’s signed at least four dozen executive actions, including presidential proclamations, memoranda, and executive orders. Republicans have been very uneasy about the sheer volume of directives he has been signing. And now, representatives of one state are trying to prevent their state from feeling the impact of any of his potentially unconstitutional orders.

South Dakota state Rep. Aaron Aylward (R) introduced HB 1194 to give the state’s attorney general the ability to review and opt out of executive orders signed by Biden. The bill would send the EOs to the Executive Council of the Legislative Research Board. Once the board reviews it, they’ll issue a referral to the governor and AG. Then the state’s top prosecutor will decide whether or not the state can ask for an exemption or deem it unconstitutional.

If other states follow suit, they could kneecap Biden, rendering his executive actions useless. It might be necessary if the president continues to act unilaterally, without the consent of Congress. It seems he may have forgotten that the US is a Republic and he’s not king, but Republicans are happy to remind him.

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