Special Counsel Durham Says Clinton Campaign Spied on Trump Campaign and White House

Special Counsel Durham Says Clinton Campaign Spied on Trump Campaign & White House

(UnitedVoice.com) – Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the Trump-Russia collusion scandal has revealed an intricate web of connections. Durham’s latest filing with the US District Court of the District of Columbia has, once again, placed former Democratic National Convention (DNC) attorney Michael Sussman squarely at the center of that web.

Trump’s Assertions of Spying

In March of 2017, former President Donald Trump claimed the Obama administration had spied on his campaign using wiretaps. Bill Barr, Trump’s Attorney General in 2019, appointed Special Counsel John Durham to investigate these and other allegations associated with the origins of the Trump-Russian election interference investigation conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

On Friday, February 11, Durham filed a motion with the court inquiring about a potential conflict of interest because Latham & Watkins LLP, the law firm representing Sussman, is also representing another subject of interest in the investigation connected to Sussman. In the filing, Durham alleges Sussman shared data with a federal agency, including both cell phone and DNS data traffic between a Russian bank and the Trump organization during the 2016 presidential campaign. Durham further alleges Sussman obtained the information from “Tech Executive-1,” previously identified as Rodney Joffe, an internet entrepreneur and data expert.

Durham’s Filing

Specifically, Durham alleges in his filing to have proof that Sussman paid Joffe to collect and correlate information about Domain Name Server (DNS) lookups going to and from Trump Organization servers during the campaign and to and from White House servers in the early part of the Trump administration. The DNS information would be analogous to looking up a phone number – it would let an investigator know who was talking with whom and how often, but not what was said. Joffe gathered DNS lookup information from 2014 to January 2017.

Additionally, Joffe used DNS lookups to track a rare version of Russian-made wireless phones used in the vicinity of the White House. Sussman suggested to a government agency Trump and others might have used these phones.

Sussman Is the Connection

The Special Counsel makes no direct connection in his filing between the Clinton campaign and Joffe. Sussman is the indirect connection. He billed the campaign through the law firm he worked for at the time, Perkins Coie, and he contracted Joffe’s services. Sussman contacted the FBI and turned over the data Joffe gathered. But Sussman is accused of lying to the FBI about not representing a specific client. He had billable hours for both the Clinton campaign and Joffe.

Based on Durham’s latest filing, Kash Patel, an attorney who was Chief of Staff for Trump’s acting Secretary of Defense and assisted Devin Nunes in investigating Russiagate, responded.

Patel said he interprets Durham’s evidentiary claims as proof the Clinton campaign and its lawyers coordinated a conspiracy against Trump as a candidate and then as president of the United States. The former president has claimed vindication and suggested the crimes are nothing short of treason.

What do you think? Is Kash Patel correct? Was this a conspiracy perpetrated against the President of the United States?

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