Special Interest Groups Want Your Taxes to Go Here

Special Interest Groups Want Your Taxes to Go Here
Special Interest Groups Want Your Taxes to Go Here

Heads up, Americans! “Safe places” are becoming more popular, and they might just be on your dime when it comes to special interest groups.
In an interview with Fox News, the executive of “Equality for Her,” Blair Imani, insists that Muslims especially need a “safe place,” but so do blacks and gays. Safe from what? Persecution and surveillance concerning their religion, sexual preferences, and skin color. Naturally, American taxpayers should pay for it.
Blair, who happens to be gay, black, and converted to Islam about two years ago, describes safe places as “being somewhere where you can be who you are without having fear of being surveilled, having violence committed against you or being harassed.”
So, comparatively speaking… America?
It’s 2017, and people are under illegal surveillance from their living rooms, just by having any type of recording device in the house. But, taxpayers should pay for special places for special interest groups who don’t want to be under surveillance?
In all reality, this is just a sign that more people need to pay attention in History class. Americans have already paid their dues when it comes to freedom. It was in the form of a little skirmish call the American Revolution. Of course, things have evolved and now every American is under surveillance just about every minute of the day.
But, sure, let’s create “safe spaces” where… what? You won’t get mugged because you’re Muslim? Or, maybe the police won’t be allowed to look at you because you’re black?
No one is saying that things are as they should be right now, but the fact of the matter is that America itself is supposed to be a “safe place.” You have the right to be who you want to be. What you don’t have the right to do is demand that American taxpayers provide you with special security or “safe places” specific to your lifestyle.
Here’s how you avoid persecution:
Don’t try to force others to adhere to your belief system.
Don’t participate in crimes or acts of terrorism.
Don’t go out of your way to draw unnecessary attention to yourself and then cry because someone looked your way.
Oh, and don’t ask Americans to pay your way in any way, shape or form — special interest group or not.