State Department Targets Russian Extremists

State Department Targets Russian Extremists

( – On September 10, 2019, President Donald Trump signed the Executive Order on Modernizing Sanctions to Combat Terrorism. This expanded the government’s ability to identify and engage terrorist organizations by including groups who train terrorists rather than only those that carry out attacks.

Using the powers granted by Trump’s executive order, on Monday, April 6, the State Department labeled the Russian Imperial Movement (RIM) as Global Terrorists. RIM is a dangerous paramilitary group of white supremacists believed to be responsible for training the men who carried out the bombing attacks in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2016.

This is the first time a group of white supremacists has been labeled as a terrorist organization by the State Department. This shows the Trump administration is taking the threat of violent racism seriously, both at home and abroad. Nathan Sales, the US State Department’s coordinator for counterterrorism, hopes that other countries will label RIM as terrorists as well, including Russia.

Even though the coronavirus is running rampant through the world, evil is not on lockdown. Organizations, such as RIM, are still out there training future terrorists. It’s comforting to know that our government is taking action to identify and combat these threats.

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