State Giving Rioters Restorative Justice Despite Damage

State Giving Rioters Restorative Justice Despite Damage

( – In October, a group of protesters damaged a monument in the Santa Fe Plaza in New Mexico. The protesters spray painted it, chipped away at it with tools and even wrapped a chain around the 152-year-old obelisk, pulling it down. Instead of putting the alleged criminals in jail, prosecutors are working out a controversial deal.

According to a May 20 report by the Santa Fe New Mexican, District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies is using restorative justice on the defendants to allow them to avoid jail time. She said the suspects in the case met the criteria she established to “divert non-violent and first-time offenders from costly and unnecessary incarceration.”

Many people are upset about the deal, especially the city’s Mexican residents. Former City Councilor Ron Trujillo slammed the DA for allowing the defendants to go without real punishment. He called the deal a “crock of crap.” Union Protectíva de Santa Fé President Virgil Vigil called them “criminals” and said, “it’s a shame” they won’t be punished.

By not punishing the vandals, it seems the DA is giving people a green light to do it again in the future. There’s a reason America is a country of laws. It’s a shame that a prosecutor doesn’t understand that.

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