State Pushes Back to Defend Police

State Pushes Back to Defend Police

( – While Democratic activists and some politicians call on cities to defund the police, Republicans have been trying to protect law enforcement officers. Georgia recently passed a bill that prevents some cities from reducing police budgets by more than 5%. Texas has also taken action.

On May 7, the Texas House passed HB 1900 to protect police budgets in the state. If a city with more than 250,000 residents reduces their police budget, the bill would allow the state to use part of a city’s sales taxes to pay the Texas Department of Public Safety’s expenses. The bill also prohibits those cities from raising utility rates and property taxes to make up for the sales tax reduction. There’s a similar piece of legislation in the state Senate, but that one also requires cities to hold an election before reducing police budgets.

Governor Greg Abbott (R) has repeatedly shown support for the bills.

The Texas Senate will now vote on their bill, which is expected to pass. After that, it’ll go back to the House for reconciliation if the bill is different from what they passed. It will eventually head to Abbott’s desk for his signature.

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