Stimulus Negotiations Are Back ON

Stimulus Negotiations Are Back ON

( – On Tuesday, October 6, President Donald Trump called on his administration to stop negotiating with Democrats on a stimulus bill. He said the Left wanted too much and he would resume talks after the election. However, on Thursday, the president said talks were back on.

During an interview with Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo, Trump said his administration is now negotiating an even “bigger deal” than before. He explained that he stopped talks earlier this week because there was no progress.

“Now they’re starting to work out,” President Trump said.

Trump said they were talking about a narrow deal to save airline workers’ jobs, but now it’s a “bigger deal.” Democrats have not said whether they plan to negotiate, but Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) refused to support a stand-alone bill for airline workers. Hopefully, she doesn’t also try to block aid for the rest of America.

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