Stormy Daniels Files New Lawsuit Against Trump

Stormy Daniels Files New Lawsuit Against Trump
Stormy Daniels Files New Lawsuit Against Trump

Most of us discounted Stormy Daniels when she first broke the news that she planned to fight to revoke a court order preventing her from talking about her alleged relationship with President Trump. Daniels lost her original battle to depose the POTUS, which would have forced him to speak on the subject. Now, it appears that she’s attacking her superfluous problem from another angle, suing Trump for defamation over a tweet.

Key Facts

• Daniels’ lawyer shared sentiments accusing the President of “stepping into every trap” the pair lay down. Michael Avenatti has repeatedly asserted his belief that Daniels will beat Trump in the end.
• Trump has completely denied the allegations, stating that he not only never had a relationship with Daniels but was not involved in any payoff related to the matter. Daniels claims a man associated with Trump not only warned her to let the matter go after 2011, but also threatened her infant daughter.
• Trump originally responded to the allegations, calling them ridiculous at best. “A sketch years later about a nonexistent man. A total con job, playing the Fake News Media for Fools (but they know it)!”
• This “con job” statement is the source of Daniels’ current lawsuit. She is suing the President for defamation for suggesting that she is a liar, weakening her credibility.
• Avenatti’s current court documents state that Trump made the tweet “either knowing it was false, had serious doubts about the truth of his statement, or made the statement with reckless disregard for its truth or falsity.”
• In most states, such a lawsuit would be thrown out on the basis that Daniels has yet to experience any harm as a result of the comment. But New York is a “per se defamation” state, meaning that one can sue for defamation just for the existence of a statement – no injury needs to happen as a result of the statement.
• Daniels has one additional lawsuit against the President right now, a second attempt at deposition that would remove her obligation to remain silent about their affair. That case continues to process through the courts.