Student Indoctrination: Educators Go Too Far

Student Indoctrination: Educators Go Too Far

It’s long been an open secret that Progressive Liberals of the political left have worked diligently to turn the educational systems of America toward their ideals and vilify conservative values and their proponents. However, the young 2019-2020 school year seems to be ramping up the effort by orders of magnitude.

For example — a New Jersey teacher has apparently taken her political protest into the classroom by taking a knee during the Pledge of Allegiance.

Earlier this year, middle-schoolers in Palm Beach County Florida were given a quiz and asked to identify the 45th president who was identified using several adjectives, including “idiot.”

The “correct” answer was “Trump.” Of course, there was an abundance of silence from media outlets that parrot the party-line such as MSNBC and CNN.

Those who cherish conservative values like a strong United States where people have the freedom to prosper and the world looks to it as a beacon of liberty, need to pay close attention to what their children are being taught. If history has shown us one thing, it’s that totalitarian regimes get their start through the indoctrination of children into their way of thinking.

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