3 Bizarre Things Criminals Did

Burglar Makes Himself Dinner While Robbing a Florida Wendy’s

For our Stupid Criminals news edition, we start off with a man whose hunger got the best of him. Patrick Benson broke into a Florida Wendy’s with the intent to steal their safe. Once inside the restaurant, he decided to light up the grill and make himself a burger.

After he finished eating he was able to take the safe and leave. His face was caught on hidden cameras and was arrested the next morning.


This isn’t even the first time he made this mistake. He had broken into restaurants on two different occasions before this and proceeded to cook himself a meal before robbing each place. Maybe he should work at a fast food joint if he’s so hungry.

Man in NH Attempts to Bite Police Dog

The police were called on Matthew Williams in Nashua, NH after he was heard yelling and throwing things in his hotel room. When the police showed up and finally got the door open, they discovered that Williams had barricaded himself in the room.

The police decided to use the K-9 unit to assist with the arrest. Once the dog was in the room Williams attempted to hold down the dog, started growling at him and then tried to bite the dog’s head. Apparently, Williams thought he had sharper teeth.

Williams was taken into custody and the dog was not injured.

Burglar Brings Police Doughnuts

A man in Fairwood, WA had an argument with his roommate and decided to deal with the situation in the stupidest way possible.

He decided to leave his home and break into the Fairwood sheriff’s office. When police arrived on the scene they found the man in a back room watching TV and smoking a cigar. When asked why he broke in he told them that he would rather go to jail for burglary than killing his roommate.

The man eventually realized that the cops might be mad at him for breaking their window, so he made sure to bring along a box of donuts for them as a peace offering.

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