Subway's (Fake) Chicken DNA Test Results

Subway’s (Fake) Chicken DNA Test Results
Subway’s (Fake) Chicken DNA Test Results

No one is going to say that fast food offers the healthiest choices, period. But, after SUBWAY promotions that focused heavily on “fresh food,” it isn’t likely that anyone expected McDonald’s to offer better ingredients. However, that may just be the case when it comes to some menu options. Hungry? Have seat while you read, and enjoy a nice, fresh SUBWAY’s chicken-ish sandwich that may or may not include wood pulp or 40 other “fillers.”

Don’t eat that. You have no idea what’s in it.

Fast food is usually a nutritional disaster. But still, we find ourselves in a line somewhere with all the other people who are in nutritional denial. We even laugh about it and poke fun. Our mouths our saying things like, “This ought to look great on my butt.” but all the while there is that inner voice saying, “Don’t eat that. You have no idea what’s in it.”

For many of us, the gravitational pull of fast-food is just too strong, not to mention convenient. This would explain the fact that there are more fast-food restaurants in the world today than ever before.

Most of us who indulge in fast food have already reached one of two conclusions before we step up to the counter to place our order: There is the “I don’t want to know what’s in there,” gang, and then there are the folks who know, but have chosen to completely ignore that inner voice long enough to choke down something greasy and delicious.
Recently, a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Marketplace investigation used DNA testing to see just how much chicken was contained in some of the most popular chicken products. Their results?

  • A&W’s Chicken Grill Deluxe contains 89.4 percent real chicken
  • Wendy’s Grill Chicken Sandwich contains 88.5 percent real chicken
  • McDonald’s Country Chicken Grilled contains 84.9 percent real chicken
  • SUBWAY’s Oven Roasted Chicken Sandwich contains 53.6 percent real chicken
  • SUBWAY’s Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki contains 42.8 percent real chicken

WHAT?! What’s up with SUBWAY, the original “eat fresh” people?

WHAT?! What’s up with SUBWAY, the original “eat fresh” people? If the chicken in their sandwiches is only 50 percent chicken, then what on earth is in the other half? That’s enough to discourage even the most hard-core deniers. Now, for the 800-pound-gorilla-in-the-room question. If it’s only half chicken, what is in the rest of it?
Most of us have heard about “fillers.” That’s all the stuff they add to things like raw meat to ensure it stays as fresh as possible, to add bulk, and add flavor. That looks pretty benign at first glance. Until you discover what’s in all those fillers. For those of you who want to remain blissfully ignorant, avert your eyes for a minute.

Doesn’t sound too appetizing.

DNA researcher Matt Harnden from Trent University’s Wildlife Forensic DNA Laboratory said that the main “alternative” substance in all these food products is soy. And that would be fine if it were just that. All the sandwiches together included a total of 50 different ingredients (each chicken piece averaged 16 ingredients), ranging from honey and onion powder to industrial ingredients. And many restaurants bulk-up their meat with wood pulp.
Yes, wood pulp.
Doesn’t sound too appetizing. And there’s probably not much we can do about making our fast food “cleaner” except to petition the restaurant and/or the Food and Drug Administration. The rules that govern disclosure of all the ingredients in a product have to come from them.
But before you do that, you might want to ask yourself: “If I knew EVERY ingredient in my fast food, what would it do to change my eating behavior?” Then, you can either quit eating at that restaurant…or, like all good fast-food deniers, you can think about that tomorrow. You have to wonder though, if they can fit all those ingredients into something that resembles chicken, what’s going on with things like “ground beef?”