Sudden ARRESTS At Supreme Court Building!

Arrests Made at Supreme Court Building

Arrests Made at Supreme Court Building

( – Authorities have arrested three women after they disrupted the Supreme Court on Wednesday. The protesters were objecting to the court’s overturn of Roe v. Wade. Now, they’re facing criminal charges, and if they follow through on threats to release images of the protest, more charges could be on the way.

On November 2, the Supreme Court had just begun hearing arguments on the Bank Secrecy Act when Rolande Baker, Nicole Enfield, and Emily Paterson stood up and began heckling the Justices with a series of coordinated statements. Their protest targeted the June 24 decision striking down the landmark 1973 ruling on abortion rights. An unnamed group organized the protest — someone issued a press release around the time it occurred. Kai Newkirk, one of the statement signatories, was convicted of disrupting a Supreme Court hearing in 2014.

Prosecutors have charged the three women under federal law with disrupting the Court and interfering with the administration of Justice. On Wednesday, the protest organizers said they hoped to have photos, video, and audio recordings available to release later; the three would also be in violation of a ban on recording devices in the courtroom if that happens.

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