Supply Chain Issues Here to Stay

Supply Chain Issues Here to Stay

( – The COVID-19 pandemic has brought global supply chain issues into the spotlight. Although the pandemic has made the problems much worse, there were already significant problems before the virus started ravaging the world. It looks like they’ll be around for a while.

In November, McKinsey & Company conducted a survey of supply chain executives. The survey concluded the supply chain issues are here to stay. To help ease the burdens, 50% of companies said they had started major transformations to achieve flexibility and speed.

Everything from weather problems to Brexit has caused issues with the supply chain in recent years. Over the summer, Hurricane Ida forced the oil industry in the Gulf of Mexico region to grind to a halt. Before that, a severe freeze in Texas caused problems. Brexit, and the negotiations surrounding it, caused hiccups in Europe. In 2018, tariffs on steel and aluminum caused issues with imports.

Of course, there has also been a persistent shortage of truck drivers for years. In 2017, the American Trucking Associations predicted there would be a shortage of more than 174,000 drivers in the US alone. If there aren’t enough drivers to move the goods around, the entire chain could collapse.

Every aspect of the supply chain disruption needs examining, but certainly more people taking on jobs as truckers could help ease the immediate pain. Americans looking for those jobs can check websites like Indeed for open positions.

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