Supreme Court Blocks Release of Trump’s Financial Records

Supreme Court Blocks Release of Trump’s Financial Records

President Trump had a win in the Supreme Court on Monday when they ruled that the House of Representatives will not get a copy of his financial records.

This victory comes a little over a month after a federal appeals court ruled against Trump and wanted him to disclose his financial information.

Trump’s lawyer, Jay Sekulow, argued in the winning motion that the president shouldn’t have to submit his records.

“Given the temptation to dig up dirt on political rivals, intrusive subpoenas into personal lives of presidents will become our new normal in times of divided government — no matter which party is in power. If every committee chairman is going to have this unbounded authority, this Court should be the one to say so.”

-Jay Sekulow, Atty. for President Trump

Now the Supreme Court justices have to decide if they’ll hear the case and make an official ruling on how far Congress’ oversight authority reaches.

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