Supreme Court Could Place New Limits on Voting Rights Lawsuits

Supreme Court Could Place New Limits on Voting Rights Lawsuits

( – The Supreme Court is considering setting limits on state powers to amend voting laws. The move follows a series of reforms aimed at making voting more “accessible” – but which opponents say makes fraud easier.

Since last November’s controversial election, state legislators and officials have proposed over 150 measures to help reduce fraud in future ballots. Almost all of these measures have been opposed by far-left Democrats, who argue that they “disproportionately” affect nonwhite voters. The problem is the even though there’s never any evidence of this, measures can still be tied up by endless legal wrangling. Now the Supreme Court could set actual standards for proving discrimination – a step that would kill most of the court cases instantly.

On March 2, the Supreme Court will consider a case brought by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich (R), who wants a review of an appeals court decision that struck down a state law on early ballotting. Democrats say limiting who can submit an early ballot for another person is a racist restriction on the right to vote; Republicans say it’s a sensible anti-fraud measure. Now the Supreme Court will decide who’s right.


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