Supreme Court Justices, Eliminating Detention Centers and Networks Refusing to Air Trump’s 4th of July Celebration

Liberals Are Proven Wrong Once Again

The Left loves to complain and find the smallest reason to protest. When it comes to the Supreme Court, their annoying antics are always kicked up a notch or two. They threw a fit when Gorsuch was appointed and, especially, during the whole debacle with Kavanaugh.

Liberals complained about many things. In particular they love to cry about how uneven the Supreme Court will be now that two more conservatives were being made judges. But, they’re wrong about the new judges. Neither Gorsuch or Kavanaugh is radically conservative as the Left claimed they would be. In fact, they’ve sided with the Left and they’re much more flexible than any of the previous liberal judges.

Booker Wants to Eliminate Immigrant Detention Centers

Presidential hopeful Cory Booker has made a new proposal in hopes to entice more liberals to vote for him. He unveiled a plan to “virtually eliminate immigrant detention” and expand protections for illegal immigrants through executive order — bypassing Congress entirely — “on day one of his presidency.”

This is exactly why we need the wall. Trump will certainly win in 2020. But, if a Democrat gets elected after him there’s no doubt that all of Trump’s hard work on fixing immigration could be undone. The border wall will at least provide America with some security no matter how hard the Left will mess things up.

MSNBC Refusing to Air 4th of July Celebration

MSNBC has announced that they won’t be airing President Trump’s 4th of July celebration. Instead, they will show clips of the event during their regular news program. In fact, Fox News, ABC News, and CBSN are the only major news stations that have agreed to air the entire two-hour live event. CNN will be airing a documentary on white nationalism.

These stations are making it really easy to see who is proud of our country and who isn’t.

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