Supreme Court Refuses To Intervene With Gun Law

Supreme Court Refuses To Intervene With Gun Law

( – The Supreme Court is the most conservative it has been in decades. President Donald Trump was able to completely change the high court. Since then, the justices have ruled in favor of Republicans on several issues, including abortion and guns. However, that was not the case in a recent decision.

On Wednesday, May 17, the SCOTUS left a ban on the sale of large-capacity magazines and assault-style rifles in place in Illinois. Democratic Governor JB Pritzker signed the Protect Illinois Communities Act into law in January in response to the shooting at a parade in Highland Park the previous year. In the incident, a man fired at parade attendees from a rooftop, killing seven.

The court refused a request by a gun seller, Law Weapons & Supply, and the National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR) to issue an injunction to block the law while the case worked its way through the courts. The gun rights group responded to the news in a statement.

Hannah Hill, the executive director of NAGR’s legal arm, explained the decision made by the court is only temporary and “not on the merits of the case itself.” She said it’s clear the high court is “watching the issue closely,” and her organization is looking forward to appealing the case’s merits if the lower court rules against their case.

NAGR President Dudley Brown said he believes they will ultimately win the case based on the Supreme Court’s Bruen decision. That was a 2022 ruling that struck down a century-old New York law about concealed carry and expanded gun rights.

Governor Pritzker also responded to the high court’s decision, saying that he was “pleased” the Supreme Court left the law in place while it continued to move through the lower courts. He claimed gun rights advocates are doing all they can to block the law but refuse to “acknowledge that lives will be saved by” it.

The Democrat believes the courts will ultimately uphold the law.

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