Supreme Court Rules on New York Gun Law

Supreme Court Rules on New York Gun Law

Gun Law SHOT DOWN – Decision Rendered!

( – The Supreme Court has decided a restrictive New York gun law is unconstitutional. Liberal states will now have to rewrite their laws to align with the Second Amendment. The decision is a major step forward for gun rights, and a big win for 2A advocates.

On June 23, the Supreme Court voted 6-3 to strike down a 108-year-old New York law restricting the right to carry a concealed handgun in public. Under the law, known as the “proper cause requirement,” New Yorkers must show a specific reason why they need to carry a gun, which is usually evidence that their life is in danger.

Justice Clarence Thomas gave the court’s majority opinion, saying that the right to bear arms “is not a second class right.” He said there’s no other constitutional right Americans can only exercise if they can show a government official that they need to exercise it.

Now, in addition to New York, five other states will need to revise their concealed carry laws to conform with the new ruling. Liberals are already protesting the decision. In a dissenting opinion, Justice Stephen Breyer mentioned the rising gun violence in the US and complained the decision would hamstring states wanting to enact stricter gun laws.

President Biden claimed the ruling “contradicts both common sense and the Constitution,” while New York Governor Kathy Hochul (D) called it “outrageous” and reckless. Second Amendment advocates are celebrating, however. This ruling marks the first expansion of gun rights since 2008.

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