Supreme Court Taking Up Trump Case (REPORT)

Supreme Court Taking Up Trump Case (REPORT)

( – Should illegal immigrants who aren’t even supposed to be in the US be counted in the Census? That’s the question before the Supreme Court, and it could have a profound impact on the country depending on what the justices decide.

In July, President Donald Trump issued an executive order excluding illegals from the count. He doesn’t believe their presence should matter when Congress is allocating resources to cities and states, especially congressional representation. The president was sued, and two lower courts rejected his order. Now the SCOTUS will make the final determination.

On Monday, November 30, the justices heard arguments in the case.

If the president wins this fight, it would mean less money for immigrant-heavy areas and fewer congressional representatives. The point is to hopefully get the country to a place where only those who are legally in America are represented. After all, why should someone who isn’t supposed to be here benefit from the system?

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