Surgeon General Speaks Out on Masks

Surgeon General Speaks Out on Masks

( – Wearing masks for some Americans has become an emotional symbol of government overreach. Some governors have required residents in their states to wear masks in public when social distancing isn’t possible. Additionally, Democrats have even demanded the federal government mandate face mask nationwide. However, US Surgeon General Jerome Adams said he has reservations.

Adams said enforcing a national mandate would be nearly impossible. He believes the issue is best left to the states and local governments, and he supports their efforts. However, there are concerns about a national mandate in the context of over-policing in the wake of nationwide protests, riots over police brutality, and racial justice issues.

Adams said he believed education was the key to holding back COVID-19 while the country waits for a vaccine. He stressed people were more likely to cooperate with mitigation measures like wearing masks if they understand why they’re doing it, and how they’ll benefit.


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