Surprising COVID Enforcers

Surprising COVID Enforcers

( – Famed physicist Albert Einstein is said to have quipped, “only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” If the way some people are taking aggressively confrontational actions — up to and including firing a gun — over facemask and social distancing rules is any indication, he was 100% correct.

Minding Their Own Business, When…

A woman and her son were sitting in the lobby of a Miami hotel when a strange man walked up to them and said, “you aren’t social distancing.” When the mother did what one should reasonably do when confronted by a stranger and ignored him, his response was to shoot up the room.

It was a Beautiful Day for a Picnic

Over on the other coast in a San Diego dog park, a couple was eating lunch at one of the picnic tables with their pup when they were accosted by a woman who took exception to them not having facemasks. When her admonition did not result in them immediately covering their faces, she walked away for a moment and then returned and proceeded to douse the husband with pepper spray.

Taking the Kids to the Store

While shopping at a Gainesville, Georgia, Walmart, a young mother and her small children were confronted by an elderly woman who started berating them for their lack of face covering. This apparently is not a requirement because the door greeter allowed them entry, and for the youngsters would be contrary to CDC guidelines.

The fear-mongering from the political Left and the liberal media seems to have spawned a vigilante attitude within some people. This, in all likelihood, will lead to a tragic outcome in the future. Actually, they’re quite lucky it didn’t happen in the Florida hotel lobby because when somebody starts spraying bullets in an occupied room, like what happened there, and nobody gets hurt, it’s just plain dumb luck.

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