Surprising Poverty Levels Numbers Are In

Surprising Poverty Levels Numbers Are In

( – President Trump is pointing to his record on the economy as a key reason to re-elect him for a second term – and new data released Tuesday, September 15, could be a huge boost to his hopes. The Census Bureau published its latest statistics on poverty in the US, and it’s very good news.

According to the Bureau’s report, the US went into the coronavirus pandemic with the lowest poverty rate since records began. In 2019, just 10.5% of Americans were living in poverty, with an incredible 4.2 million fewer people below the line than in 2018.

The fall in poverty rates spans ethnic groups. For Blacks, the rate is now 18.8%, and for Hispanics, it’s down to 15.7%. Both these numbers are the lowest on record. Among Asians, just 7.3% are in poverty, another record low. The same report shows median household income is up by a huge 6.8% over the prior year.

While the coronavirus pandemic will push down economic figures for this year, increasing unemployment and poverty, the outcome might not be as bad as many fear (and some Democrats seem to be hoping for). In fact, under this administration, unemployment numbers are recovering much faster than expected.

The effects of lockdowns and travel restrictions are hitting economies all over the world, so while Joe Biden and other leftists are trying to blame the president for the downturn, the reality is that, like the virus itself, it’s China’s fault. The US took a hit along with everyone else, but, looks to be heading for a V-shaped recovery, with jobs and earnings quickly rebounding to pre-pandemic levels.

Despite the Left’s claims, President Trump is the one who’s really helping the poor in this country. Joe Biden says the economy is only working for the rich, not for ordinary Americans, but the data shows ordinary Americans are the ones who’re winning here.

The Democrats want to offer ethnic minorities BLM murals and safe spaces on college campuses; Trump is giving them jobs and, for many, a route out of poverty. What would you rather have?

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