Survey Shows Teachers Don’t Want to Teach CRT

Survey Shows Teachers Don't Want to Teach CRT

( – Republicans across the country have done their best to prevent children from being exposed to Critical Race Theory (CRT) in schools. They believe it’s inherently racist and ostracizes kids for being white because of what slave owners did 200 years ago. It turns out, teachers aren’t so keen on the idea either.

The American Association of Educators (AAE) released a study about CRT in schools late last year and it found teachers have a lot of anxiety over an issue that most of them don’t think should be mandated. According to the results, only 11% of educators said the curriculum should be mandated in schools. Less than half of them, 44%, think CRT should be an optional lesson plan. Instead, 81% of teachers think they should teach kids the stories and narratives from people across the spectrum, allowing for a comprehensive education that doesn’t focus on race.

The survey found teachers have a lot of anxiety about discussing race issues in their classrooms at all because they don’t want to offend anyone. AAE Executive Director Colin Sharkey spoke to Newsweek about CRT in the classrooms and said educators just want to teach a “full history of the country.” Most importantly, the survey found 99.5% of respondents want their classrooms to be a “healthy learning environment for all children.”

Conservatives hope they can create that healthy learning environment by prohibiting teachers from pushing the Left’s radical agenda. They’ve been quite successful, too; 34 states have introduced or passed bills to do just that.

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