How to Survive a Downed Power Line Situation

Getting Out of Your Car the Wrong Way Can Get You Killed
Getting Out of Your Car the Wrong Way Can Get You Killed

Have you ever thought about how to handle the situation where you encounter downed power lines on the highway? It could happen if you hit a power pole and power lines fall to the ground and touch against your car, or perhaps you find yourself in a big ice storm or windstorm where power lines fell down onto the roadway. It could also happen if you stop your car nearby an accident that resulted in downed power lines.
In any of these instances, if a live power line touches your car, or even the ground around your car, you and your family could be in grave danger. You remember hearing that if you stay in you car, you are safe for the time being because the rubber tires insulate you from shock. But what happens if you get out of your car in a panic without thinking?
As you exit your car and step on the ground, extreme high voltage can surge from the car frame through your body down to ground. I don’t have to tell you the end result! Even if the live wires are not touching your car, if you walk on the ground near the downed power lines, the ground is likely highly energized to the point where high voltage could surge through your body badly burning you or even killing you on the spot.
Although you don’t think you will ever encounter one of these situations, if you do, this 5 minute video could save the lives of you and your family.