Suspects Arrested After US Marines Violently Attacked

Suspects Arrested After US Troops Violently Attacked

( – Crimes committed by juveniles are particularly disturbing and happen all across the country — and California is not exempt. In Oakland, nine teens were recently arrested in connection with more than 30 robberies. A few hundred miles south, more kids were picked up after they allegedly assaulted members of the US Armed Forces.

On Friday, May 26, Orange County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the San Clemente Pier after receiving a call about a large group of juveniles assaulting people. When the police arrived on the scene, they found two US Marines suffering from injuries received in an assault. The Orange County Fire Authority treated the service members, but they refused to go to the hospital. Another Marine was also allegedly attacked in the incident.

One of the Marines, Lance Corporal Hunter Antonino, told KCAL News that he and two of his friends were enjoying their time off at the pier when they encountered a group of about 30 to 40 kids on the beach. The service member said the kids were lighting fireworks, and when the debris hit him in the face, he asked them to stop. The group then followed him to the pier and attacked him and his friends. He said they punched and stomped them, causing minor injuries.

The sheriff’s department said they identified five teens on May 30 and arrested them. The teenagers (four boys and one girl) were accused of assault with a deadly weapon. The department said the suspects used their feet as weapons, stomping on the victims while they were on the ground. Four more suspects were also arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault and battery, bringing the total arrests to nine.

Detectives used videos of the incident to identify and track down the suspects. Lance Corporal Antonio said the incident “wasn’t cool at all.” He thinks he might have suffered a concussion during the assault.

The sheriff’s department continues to investigate the crime.

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