Taco Truck Creates Drama After Serving ICE Workers

Taco Truck Creates Drama After Serving ICE Workers

A taco truck has managed to bring people from both sides of the immigration issue together in their dislike of the company.

The Lloyd food truck, which is based in Buffalo, NY decided to make a new stop last Wednesday. Instead of visiting one of their typical locations, they decided to serve food at the Buffalo Federal Detention Center. The center employs ICE agents and holds people who are in the country illegally.

Once word got out that they served food at an ICE facility, the Twitter activists rushed to their keyboards to shame Lloyd’s for serving lunch there.

Lloyds reacted by posting an apology on their Twitter letting everyone know that they support immigrants and will donate all sales from that day to Justice for Migrant Families. They probably thought that their apology would smooth things over. They couldn’t have been more wrong.

As soon as they posted the apology, they started receiving backlash from people who supported their decision to serve food to ICE agents, or anyone else they wanted to. This led to a second apology at a special news conference where co-founder Pete Cimino said: “We make tacos, not war.”

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