Tapper Interview with Trump Adviser Goes Horribly Wrong

Tapper Interview with Trump Adviser Goes Horribly Wrong
Tapper Interview with Trump Adviser Goes Horribly Wrong

One of CNN’s leading journalists, Jake Tapper, abruptly cut off a “live on air” interview with White House senior policy adviser, Stephen Miller. Tapper and Miller were discussing comments made about Michael Wolff’s new book, “Fire and Fury.” The book contains controversial comments from former White House strategist Steve Bannon, who voices his opinion about Trump’s’ legitimacy as president. Tapper proceeded to ask Miller a series of more and more pressing questions, yet Miller mostly focused on responding with praise for Trump and highlighting how the President was a “political genius.”

Key Facts

• Bannon’s book itself has come under fire in recent days, mostly because it paints the President as disliked by many of his own party members. In at least one section, it even goes so far as to claim Trump’s own administration believes him unfit to rule.
• Miller called Bannon’s comments “tragic and unfortunate,” asserting several times throughout the interview that the book was a “pile of trash.” This includes Bannon’s assertion that the Trump Towers meeting with Russian leaders was treasonous and unpatriotic.
• The interview degraded rapidly after Tapper attempted to press on with a series of difficult questions, including an accusation that Miller was involved in writing a letter with a list of reasons to fire Comey.
• Miller accused the interviewer of being condescending and CNN News of being disreputable by producing “fake news.” He called out the network for previously perceived faults and claimed they were undergoing a “crisis of legitimacy.”
• Just before the exchange broke down entirely, Tapper accused Miller of failing to answer the questions and attempting to please “one viewer.” The assumption is that the one viewer in question was Trump.
• Tapper eventually ended the interview and the video after stating that Miller was refusing to answer his questions. The interview ended abruptly with Miller still talking, cutting him off mid-sentence.

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