Tax Dollar Transparency Found Here

Tax Dollar Transparency Found Here

( – Adam Andrzejewski, CEO of, just blew the lid off government spending. What does he want for it? Nothing but a revolution — specifically, a “Transparency Revolution.”

His extensive speech reveals there has been “lost” billions in taxpayer money, with zero explanation as to where it’s gone. Even worse, more than 100 yearly payments continue to be sent to people who died years ago, and there have been hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on coffee cups alone.

The good news is, President Trump is on it. After decades of no oversight, his insistence on an audit over the Department of Defense revealed not only spending that had nothing to do with our defense, but also the fact that they couldn’t pass the audit.

The information revealed here involves numbers most of us can’t even comprehend. But Andrzejewski keeps it hopping, exposing specific numbers and agencies that will shock America. We encourage you to visit his website,, and start with your own locale. Here, you can see exactly who gets paid what from local government to the top of the line.

The Transparency Revolution starts with us.

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