Taxpayers Forced to Fund Digital Abortion Services

Taxpayers Forced to Fund Digital Abortion Services

As of January 1, 2020, California taxpayers will see at least $10,290,000 of their taxes go toward providing free abortions funneled through public university health services. As if this isn’t insulting enough to taxpayers who don’t believe in abortion, the real kicker is that the women won’t even have to go to an office to get the service.

California AB 24

California AB 24 was signed into effect on October 11, 2019. Of the many things it does to offend those who have no choice but to watch their hard-earned money go toward something they don’t believe in, is the fact that it takes things a step further in depersonalizing the entire process.

“This service may be performed by providers on staff at the student health center, through telehealth services, or by providers associated with a contracted external agency.”

– AB 24

Telehealth services are medical services that can be provided through digital communication. The language of the bill also makes it clear that in the state of California, abortion pills are regarded no differently than any other medication, making it possible for them to be covered by state-funded insurance programs such as Medi-Cal.

“California law recognizes abortion as a basic health service that must be covered by Medi-Cal and by private, managed care insurance plans regulated by the state.”

What this means is that free abortion service doesn’t stop at the universities, but will be paid for by taxpayers whose taxes contribute to any insurance programs regulated by the state.

Pissed off yet? It’s not over.

Each University of California campus and each California State University campus will be allocated $200k not just to provide these services, but to create a telehealth system where none exists, provide 24-hour telephone support for those receiving abortion services, and even to purchase and upgrade equipment to make these services possible.

The Left is going to tell you that California is just promoting women’s health. They’re going to scream about a woman’s right to choose and how “the man” only wants to keep women down.

Those on the Left who don’t support abortion services as a means of birth control but as a route to prevent the suffering of those born with disabilities probably won’t even notice that the language of the bill makes it clear “financial and time burdens negatively impact academic performance and mental health” is the focus.

Academic performance and mental health … read that again.

One could almost argue that poor adult decision making could be a sign of existing mental health issues. Or, we might even question if academic performance really trumps the existence of an innocent life.

The Reality of College Life

Whether you believe in abortion or not, you can’t argue with the fact that young college students aren’t really known for their decision-making skills. After all, for some, the college experience is largely one big parent-funded party. Those who are responsible enough to be focused on their studies are also more likely to be responsible enough to use birth control or abstain from sex.

And even if you DO argue those facts, you can’t argue that it isn’t the taxpayers’ responsibility to provide millions of dollars to negate the consequences of college students’ actions. Of course, that’s just the main focus of the bill. The truth is that these taxpayers aren’t just paying for the abortions of college students, but abortions throughout the entire state.

STD Epidemic

Pregnancy is just one potential outcome of sexual intercourse. And it isn’t even the one that is the most pressing; STDs are. A 2018 report released by the California Department of Health demonstrates the terrifying rise of STDs.

  • Syphilis leads the way with a 265% increase in cases as compared to 10 years ago.
  • Gonorrhea saw a 211% increase
  • Chlamydia cases rose by 56%

Since AB 24 is presented as an answer to the concern for women’s reproductive health, we find it absolutely jarring that this STD epidemic isn’t being addressed more heavily, rather than abortion.

For those California college students, this bill goes a long way toward making one-night stands easier than ever, with the “Morning After” pill no more than a phone call away. Too bad that lack of a physical examination which is so vital to women’s reproductive health will only come after the effects of rampant STDs start to kick in.

But what the hell, right? Nothing for them to worry about because it’s all on the taxpayers’ dime anyhow.

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