Taxpayers Paying for Dem Campaign?

Taxpayers Paying for Dem Campaign?

( – Technology originally developed to fight ISIS Propaganda in the US now has a new purpose. It’s being used to counter pro-Trump information online regarding his stance on dealing with COVID-19.

Curtis Hougland, a popular social media analyst who’s spearheading an initiative known as “Defeat Disinfo,” stated the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) funded the AI project who’s open-source technology he’s using.

One member of Defeat Disinfo is John Robb, who explained the AI will track what President Trump has said about any topic on social media and then create a counter-narrative. He claims they’ve already succeeded in reaching over 3.4 million anti-Trump influencers.

This means not only is a military-grade AI being used by the Left to silence the Right, but it’s might just be paid for by your tax dollars (DARPA is denying paying for the program Hougland is using).

In the US, the birthplace of free speech, that right is now being censored on the president of all people! What does that say for unpopular opinions or claims in the future for all citizens of the United States?

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