Teacher Terminated for Refusing to Betray Parents

Teacher Terminated for Refusing to Betray Parents

(UnitedVoice.com) – A California school district has fired a teacher for refusing to lie to parents about their transgender children. The district says Jessica Tapia violated its policies; she says she was discriminated against for her religious beliefs, and she’s ready to go to court over it.

On January 31, Tapia, a physical education teacher with the Jurupa Unified School District in southern California, was fired from her job after a dispute with officials over her religious beliefs and their policies on transgender students. The conflict began when some students found Tapia’s social media profiles, where she talked about her Christian faith. The students allegedly reported her to school officials, who put her on leave.

Tapia says she was then called back into work and told she could keep teaching, but given “various directives” on transgenderism. She told district superintendent Trenton Hansen that she wouldn’t be able to comply with some of them as they conflicted with her religious beliefs; for example, she said if a student wanted to change their preferred pronouns, she wouldn’t conceal that from their parents.

Hansen’s response was to hand Tapia a notice that said the “district cannot accommodate your religious beliefs” and stated that her contract would be terminated at the end of January. Among the beliefs the district refused to support were that students should be referred to by their correct pronouns, that parents had a right to be informed, and that students shouldn’t use the other sex’s locker rooms.

Jurupa Unified School District has a wide range of woke policies. Students are allowed to use bathrooms, and play sports, according to whatever gender they claim to be. Tapia says she doesn’t just oppose these policies because she’s a Christian; she opposes them because she’s a mother. She said she’d be “absolutely livid” if a teacher failed to tell her important facts about her child, such as that they’re confused about gender.

The district is refusing to comment on the case, but Tapia has now decided to discuss it — and among the things she’s revealed is that she plans to file suit. She’s retained an attorney and is just waiting for paperwork from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

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