Technology Threatens To Kill 300 Million Jobs

Technology Threatens To Kill 300 Million Jobs

( – Artificial intelligence is advancing very quickly and permeating nearly every industry. There’s a writer strike happening right now, in part, because of concerns about AI. A study released earlier this year revealed there’s definitely reason to be cautious.

According to a Goldman Sachs Economic Research study released in March, AI advancements have shown that it’s possible to generate content that is almost indistinguishable from something a human has done. It’s also on the brink of allowing businesses to automate tasks that were once performed by people and “break[ing] down communication barriers between humans and machines.”

The study warned that generative AI could cause a disruption in the labor market. There’s a possibility that these programs could replace about one-fourth of the current jobs leading to a loss of about 300 million full-time positions. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have put together a list of roles that they believe are safe from AI technology. Those positions include agricultural equipment operators, short-order cooks, several construction jobs, and a couple of dozen others. As technology continues to advance, there’s also the possibility that some of the positions that appear safe now won’t be in the future.

In addition to the obvious economic impacts of millions of people losing their jobs across the globe, there are also concerns about the exploitation of AI technology. Eric Schmidt, the ex-CEO of Google, said governments need to pass laws to ensure that “evil people” are not misusing the tech. He said the “existential risk is defined as many, many, many, many people harmed or killed.” Schmidt said that although some of the most dangerous scenarios are not an issue yet, they could be soon.

Legislators should be getting ahead of the issue to prevent some of the problems in the future, to the best of their ability. As of now, that has not happened. There have been hearings but not much action, and that could cause major problems for the country, and the globe, in the coming years.

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