Ted Cruz Demands Immediate Release of Financial Records By Janet Yellen

Ted Cruz Demands Immediate Release of Financial Records By Janet Yellen

(UnitedVoice.com) – Republicans in Congress are very concerned about President Joe Biden’s family’s business dealings. Both his son, Hunter Biden, and brother, James Biden, have a history with foreign companies that are linked to governments. The president’s son, in particular, has faced a lot of scrutiny. He is currently under investigation by the Department of Justice for possible tax crimes.

Lawmakers have been trying to look into the business deals to find out if Hunter and James have traded on their names and proximity to the White House. One of the battles with Congress involves the Treasury Department and the records it has on the first family. Now, a senator is demanding a top official act.

The Records

In March, it was announced, after months of back-and-forth, that the Treasury agreed to hand over Suspicious Activities Reports (SARs) related to the Biden family to the House Oversight and Government Accountability Committee. The bank records are reports of anything that was flagged as suspicious.

In a statement to the American people on March 14, Chairman James Comer (R-KY) announced the news about the SARs. He accused the Treasury Department of “dragging [its] feet” for two months. He said the reports will cover the Biden family and their associates.

Republicans have said they want to make sure the administration is not being influenced by outside forces in order to enrich the president’s family.

Senator Demands More

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) doesn’t think it’s good enough that the records are released to members of Congress. On Wednesday, April 19, the senator demanded the Treasury Department release the records to the public. He claimed that if Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen doesn’t release the records, then she is “complicit in the coverup.”

The senator’s declaration came days after Comer announced it’s possible nine members of Biden’s family might have earned money from foreign entities. In March, he said there was a $3-million wire transfer from a Chinese energy company to someone associated with the Biden family. However, the chairman did not explain what that associate received the money for or if his business was related to China. In the US, it isn’t illegal to do business with Chinese companies.

Comer claimed that many of the businesses Biden’s family members are involved in are related to his long career in government, or they have made connections through it. The lawmaker did not accuse any of them of committing a crime in the press release. If Cruz has his way, the American people could look at the documents and decide for themselves what’s going on.

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