Ted Cruz Mocks FBI

Ted Cruz Mocks FBI

Ever since ending his bid to become president in 2016, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has become more outspoken, showing a personality that not many people knew existed until the past year or so.

The humorous part of his personality came through this week during a hearing with the Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

Cruz, like the majority of Americans, is unhappy with how the DOJ and the FBI have handled the Russia investigation. During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Cruz said, “What was going on here, this wasn’t Jason Bourne, this was Beavis and Butt-Head.”

The Senator followed up his funny insult with some serious accusations. He said that Horowitz’s report was a “stunning indictment of the FBI and the Department of Justice, of a pattern of abusive power,” adding that the report “should be deeply chilling” to anyone who understands them and that the errors made “are grotesque abuses of power.”

During his testimony, Horowitz admitted to Senators that the FBI did not follow the standards they set for accuracy when obtaining a warrant to monitor Trump’s ex-campaign aide, Carter Page.

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