Teeth Whitening Scams Endanger Your Teeth and Health

Teeth Whitening Scams Endanger Your Teeth and Health
Teeth Whitening Scams Endanger Your Teeth and Health

There are a lot of dental services that fall under “cosmetic dentistry” rather than medical necessity. When this is the case, insurance isn’t likely to cover the cost of the treatment. For those wanting to pass the “tissue test” but not wanting to foot the bill for expensive dental procedures, the option of having a whitening procedure done in a beauty salon or somewhere similar can seem quite tempting. However, there are dangers associated with this method that you may not be aware of.

Dental Procedures

Dental procedures are those done by someone with the education and training necessary to safely use specific chemicals and tools. For instance, hydrogen peroxide is a common household chemical, but its concentration for households and dental practices isn’t the same. While dental professionals are qualified to use higher concentrations, beauty salons and the average citizens aren’t.

The Scam

It’s not that beauty salons aren’t able to whiten your teeth. It’s just that they aren’t properly trained to use the necessary chemicals and the results can be harmful to your teeth and health. Some people almost immediately experience receding gum lines and/or loose teeth.
How do they get around the laws concerning teeth whitening practices? Waivers and customer participation. If you go anywhere to get your teeth whitened, and the professional hands you a mouth piece to insert yourself, it’s because they are trying to avoid being sued over performing dental practices they aren’t legally qualified to perform. In other words, it’s time for you to get out of the chair, walk out, and don’t look back.

Dental Hygiene Tips

If you really want whiter teeth, you have to keep your enamel healthy. When your enamel is porous or unhealthy, it collects things like coffee, tea, nicotine and other particles — making your teeth appear discolored.

If you still feel the need to whiten your teeth, save a ton of money with this tip:
When you go tanning, insert a whitening strip that you can buy at any drug store. Smile wide and let the UV rays do the same thing that they would do at the dentist’s office!