Texas Won’t Allow Austin to Defund Police

Texas Won't Allow Austin to Defund Police

(UnitedVoice.com) – Across the nation, Democratic-led cities are proposing defunding the police. Baltimore, Hartford, Los Angeles, New York City, Oakland, Philadelphia, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington DC, already slashed their police budgets. However, one state isn’t tolerating its capital’s move in the same direction.

Austin, TX, is a Democratic-led town in a deep-red state. In August, the city approved cutting its police budget. However, Gov. Greg Abbott (R) isn’t having any part of it. One proposal he’s considering: a state takeover of the city’s police department.

Abbot has been critical of the Austin City Council plan to take money away from the police and elsewhere in the city budget. City leaders say the money will go towards community programs and other city departments.

In addition to a state takeover of the city police, the governor is also considering a freeze on property tax revenues to any city in Texas that reduces its police department budget.

Abbott has gathered support for his takeover plan from a former Texas County Sheriff and a former Democratic state representative from Houston.

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