The 2020 Census and Citizenship

2020 Census and Citizenship

( – Although it was decided at the end of 2019 that no citizenship questions would be allowed on the 2020 Census, one group feels that the Census Bureau has dropped the ball in making this known.

NALEO Education Fund CEO Arturo Vargas thinks that the Trump administration’s wish to have a citizenship question on the census has made Latinos in the US fearful and mistrusting. Vargas wants the Census Bureau to focus on gaining Latinos trust once again, instead of leaving nonprofit organizations to “clean up the mess created by the administration.”

The Census Bureau disagrees with Vargas, pointing out that one of their ads shows a Latino family having dinner and talking about whether their information will be given to immigration authorities. One of the people in the commercial makes it clear that even though he filled out the census in 2010, he was never deported.

It’s not the responsibility of any government group to keep illegal immigrants up-to-date on the news. Spending time and money doing this is wasteful and those resources can be put to better use.

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