The Bump Stock Ban is Days Away

The Bump Stock Ban is Days Away
The Bump Stock Ban is Days Away

Do you own bump stocks? As of next week, you’ll be forced to destroy them or turn them in thanks to a new federal law. That’s right: bump stocks are officially becoming illegal to sell, own, use, and possess all across the country. The problem? There’s no “grandfather clause” to protect owners, which means they’re left to sacrifice expensive equipment at the government’s demand.
The idea of the government seizing assets for their own uses? Hmm…seems like a scary story we’ve heard before…

Key Points

  • Federal officials believe there are over 500,000 bump stocks currently in circulation. However, it’s impossible to know the exact numbers because of the existing black markets — markets beyond the control of any regulation.
  • The government originally started pushing for the ban back in 2017, after  gunman Stephen Paddock used a total of 50 guns to kill 36 women and 22 men at a music festival.
  • Massachusetts was the first to ban bump stocks at the state level in November of 2017. By December, acting United States Attorney General Matthew Whitaker had signed a measure to make them federally illegal by March of 2019.
  • Owners who still have bump stocks in their possession must give them up to the government or destroy them. But many remain staunch in their refusal to comply because they see it as an affront to their right to bear arms. If they retain ownership, they face being charged with a felony offense.