‘The Democrat Party Hates America’ Soars to Number 1 Best Seller

Democrats Hate America' Soars to Number 1 Best Seller

(UnitedVoice.com) – Fox News host Mark Levin has written multiple books over the course of his career. The conservative is a vocal opponent of Liberals and their beliefs. His most recent book makes that crystal clear, and it’s already reached number one on one chart.

On September 19, Levin’s new book “The Democrat Party Hates America” was released. The book reached the number one spot on Amazon’s chart before it was ever released. It passed Oprah and Steven King and even soared past a biography about Elon Musk.

The book has already faced backlash from companies like Target, which have said they will not sell it in their stores. Levin asked his listeners, viewers, and supporters to purchase the book and defy “corporate leftwing censorship.”

The Washington Times previewed the new book. Levin claimed he wrote it for “patriotic Americans who fear for our country and its future.” He then claimed the country is “unraveling” and the “founding and history are under assault.”

In an interview with Breitbart, the conservative said that his latest book is different than anything anyone has read. He alleges the Democratic Party is “autocratic” and “has never embraced Americanism.” Levin accuses the Left of destroying American culture, the “Constitution, voting system, educational system, citizenship, law and order, and more.” Levin promises to “unravel all the lies and propaganda” the American people have been told and how he thinks Democrats want to transform the country.

In the book, Levin argues that the American people have a responsibility to defeat the Democratic Party’s candidates in the next election and the elections after that one. If Republicans can’t do that, then he said it would be hard to fix the problems the country is having and undo the damage he thinks the Democratic Party has unleashed on America.

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