The Dismantling of Law and Order Has Begun

The Dismantling of Law and Order Has Begun

( – Perhaps the far-right conspiracy theorists are right that the Chinese government did in fact cook up the coronavirus in a lab as a bioweapon. A germ that eats away at the brains of the Progressive Liberals in this country would at least give us hope that the ongoing lunacy might have a cure. It would also explain the outlandish ideas coming out from the Pacific Northwest to the Southwest deserts.

Seattle, Washington

The story of the armed thugs who seized several blocks of the city and declared it a “no-cop” area is well known by now. Now, however, it seems the city officials have chosen to abandon the citizens they’re legally and morally obligated to protect to the tender mercies of what sadly must be termed, terrorists.

The mayor, the police chief, and several others have promised the self-proclaimed anarchists that the wood barricades they erected would be replaced with concrete ones. It’s hard for people to look at this and not come to the conclusion that these oh-so-brilliant so-called leaders just legitimized their actions. This will likely only serve to inspire the same accident across America.

One business owner in the occupied zone had a personal experience with just one aspect of many that could go wrong. After an intruder tripped the alarm in his shop, he and his son arrived to find it broken into and on fire. On the ride over, the son was on the phone with the 911 dispatcher asking for a police response.

However, since the mayor and his ilk had bent the knee to the new masters of the Capitol Hill region, help was not to be had. To add insult to injury, the two of them were forced to watch a gathered crowd search the man they had detained and then allowed him to simply walk away.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

While the elected officials of this city have yet to abdicate their responsibility to their constituents the way those in Seattle have, they’ve chosen a different way to walk down the same path of madness. In the nation’s first attempt to appease the growing defund/dismantle the police insanity being championed by the Socialists/Communists of the Left, they’ve come up with the brilliant idea of sending unarmed social workers to certain emergency calls rather than the police.

The plan is for them to respond to calls involving intoxication, mental health issues, and the like without the presence of law enforcement. What they seem to be ignoring is the fact that somebody who’s drunk or overly distraught can go from calm and cooperative to violent and deadly at a moment’s notice. In that event, responding officers could find themselves facing down a person who just injured or killed someone or a potential hostage situation.

No reasonable person can argue that the Black community hasn’t been treated with suspicion and harassment far more than their white counterparts and that it isn’t time for some changes to be made on how public interactions are handled. But the idea of “letting the inmates run the asylum” is one that’s sure to lead to disaster. Human nature seems to devolve into the lowest common denominator when a fair system of law and order is allowed to be replaced by violent anarchy.

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