The DNC Presidential Candidates, Who’s Still Got a Chance and Who Should Give Up

The DNC Presidential Candidates, Who's Still Got a Chance and Who Should Give Up

The Democratic Party still hasn’t been able to narrow down the field of presidential hopefuls with less than one year to the next election. Let’s take a look at the remaining candidates who refuse to give up.

Joe Biden

Joe Biden is once again being seen as one of the top contenders after doing well in the most recent debate. Many Dem’s were impressed with one particle answer he gave when asked if he would be willing to work with Republicans if he defeats Trump in 2020.

Biden responded by saying:

“I refuse to accept the notion, as some on this stage do, that we can never, never get to a place have we have cooperation again. If that’s the case, we’re dead as a country. We need to be able to reach a consensus.”

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren has been considered a favorite even before she announced she was running in 2020. It seems like nothing she can do (including lying about her nationality, numerous times) will stop a large percentage of liberals from supporting her.

Many of Hillary’s fans from the last election have gravitated towards Warren. She’s doing great in most of the national polls, even though many of her plans, like Medicare for All, are poorly planned and could never actually be executed.

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders, the Socialist Democrat that all the Millennials love. His promises of free education, free healthcare, non-profit banks and every other promise that has landed socialist countries in hot water for years has him doing great in the polls.

A generation of adults who are too young to remember hearing about all the negative impacts of socialism are now refusing to listen to those who are left that fear the grandfatherly looking candidate with crazy hair.

Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg went from being a small-town mayor to one of the top presidential candidates. That was until word got out that he held a high-priced fundraiser in a wine cave recently.

During the last debate, it was mentioned many times by the other candidates and a lot of his online supporters started criticizing him as well. If there is one thing that Dems don’t like, it’s any show of success or wealth. He’s definitely on the list of people who should give up.

Michael Bloomberg

Speaking of people who should give up, there’s Michael Bloomberg. Although he’s polling higher than some of the seasoned candidates, like Cory Booker and Andrew Yang, he’s received very little support for his fellow Democrats. Even the liberal favorite AOC criticized him for entering the race so late. Her buddy Bernie Sanders also accused Bloomberg of thinking he can win just by using his money.

He might have a chance at qualifying for the next debate, but if he doesn’t, he needs to accept that the Dem’s infighting has gotten pretty bad and it probably isn’t worth the fight since Trump will be winning in 2020 regardless of who he goes up against.

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