The False Hope and Morals of Liberalism

The False Hope and Morals of Liberalism

( – Liberalism and the Democratic Party have failed to come through for its constituents. For decades, Democrats have promised utopia, yet, in one blue state and city after another, we are witnessing the results of their failed promises. America is more divided than ever.

Liberals pit economic classes against one another, replace work ethic with government programs, and let cities burn as far-left radicals push to defund the police and destabilize communities.

U2 singer Bono once said,

“In Ireland, people have an interesting attitude to success; they look down on it. In America, you look up at… the mansion on the hill and say, ‘one day… that could be me.’ In Ireland, they look up at the mansion on the hill and go, ‘One day I’m gonna get that b*****d.’”

That is the inheritance of liberalism in America today. It’s a philosophy of envy and jealousy that leaves one feeling hopeless and angry. The reality is that the Democratic party has been championing the same issues for 50 years, yet nothing positive has happened for their constituents.

Liberals promised they would end racism. They vowed to stop bullies in schools. They promised to get even with mean-spirited people. They promised to take money from the greedy rich and give it to the poor. They promised to get the corporations to pay their fair share. They promised free healthcare. They promised free college.

Liberals promise these things knowing they can’t deliver. Yet, people keep voting for them under a false hope that maybe things will change.

Democrats Are What They Claim Conservatives Are

For too long, liberal Democrats have called conservatives fascists and nihilists.

A fascist is someone who is an authoritarian dictator. During the COVID-19 lockdown, citizens were treated as criminals under house arrest in one blue state after another. Democratic governors destroyed their state economies and damaged the livelihoods that many people spent years creating.

A nihilist is a rejection of all religious and moral principles. That’s the left. They don’t believe in religion and don’t want you to either. Again, in blue states, the governors are forcing churches to remain closed, yet allow businesses with more people than churches to walk around in their buildings. It makes no sense! One has Constitutional protections and the other doesn’t.

That’s liberalism. It’s full of contradictions and double standards because it’s all subjective. This allows them to believe it’s okay to do what’s wrong.

For example, after Trump’s inauguration, there were women’s marches protesting things that Trump said over a decade ago. Yet, on the national mall, they chanted horrible obscenities and put on a display of vulgarity. It’s good for the goose. It’s just not good for the gander.

Liberal’s couldn’t stand that an immoral man received a moral mandate to do what was right for America; to fix what they helped to break.

Liberalism and Race Issues

In 1964, Republicans forced through the 1964 Civil Rights Act, even though they were the minority party. In response, Democrats in liberal cities doubled down on what was known as “redlining.” It was designed to impoverish African Americans and trap them in despondent communities.

While it’s legally gone today, it helps explain why urban areas are falling apart and some residents feel like they have to sell drugs just to buy groceries. In many urban areas, people are struggling without any hope.

For decades, Democrats said they were going to fix the problem of racism. They were going to fix the police and ensure good jobs. The opposite happened in urban communities. Look at what’s been going on in Chicago, Baltimore, and Los Angeles for years. All liberal cities.

The worst examples of America’s depravity, economic failing, and a lack of morality are right in the middle of liberalism. Its people are not happy. Its voters are not satisfied. Generally speaking, liberals are always angry. It makes sense. Every promise made to them has been broken and the promises are big.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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