The GOP Wants Donald Trump’s Donations

The GOP Wants Donald Trump's Donations

( – The majority of the Republican Party hopes to see former President Donald Trump run for office again in 2024. That’s going to take a lot of money. Fortunately, he has a war chest of roughly $110 million and counting. However, new reports indicate some members of his party want to see him give more of that money to help the GOP in the midterms.

According to multiple reports, some members of the Republican Party want the former president to sink more money into the midterms as they try to back control of Congress from the Democrats. Trump has been seeking donations from the party’s base through his Save America PAC and has been quite successful. In February, the committee raised more than $3.5 million.

Although the PAC raised millions, the former POTUS didn’t donate money to any of the two dozen candidates he endorsed that month, Bloomberg reported.

That’s not to say Trump hasn’t donated to any of the candidates. NBC News reported the former President has given $205,000 in campaign donations. Typically (but not always) when he endorses a candidate, his PAC will send a check for the maximum direct contribution allowed by law — $5,000. At least 41 GOP candidates for federal seats have received this amount.

Additionally, Trump has given 29 state campaigns a total of $145,500. He has also held multiple rallies with thousands of voters in attendance to bolster the candidates he has endorsed and hosted fundraising dinners for the party.

While some Republicans believe the president should spend more in the race, the party isn’t exactly hurting for money. In March, Fox News reported RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel bragged that the party was breaking fundraising records.

What do you think? Should Trump give away more of his war chest or is his influence best spent throwing his weight behind candidates?

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