A Trump Loss Means a Major Victory for the Republican Party

The Great Awakening
The Great Awakening

Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump once said of his 2016 presidential bid, “If I lose, I will consider it the greatest waste of time, energy, and money in my life.
Well, Mr. Trump, there are many Americans who beg to differ.
Not since Lincoln led this country to abolish slavery 150 years ago have we owed such a debt of gratitude to an American leader. Through your leadership, many Americans are finally able to see how the political and financial elite in this country consider the rest of us slaves to their greed and hunger for power.
We owe you for the leadership you demonstrated by enduring extreme pressure from both sides of the aisle, Democrat and Republican. You had the balls to stand up to the media and social elite, the medical and military industrial complexes, and most importantly, the political establishment (both Republicans and Democrats) that has hijacked the American dream to their own ends. You showed us that people really can make a difference.
You have caused the Republican party to finally take a good hard look at itself and how it really represents the American people, if at all, anymore. If the Republicans have really taken your message to heart, they will see that the only thing they represent right now is their own self-interests. You have shown us that if this continues, we as Americans can stand together  and say, “No more!”
You gave the great men and women of the FBI the courage to stand up for what is right, to challenge their own internal leadership. You showed them they are not helpless in the fight for what is right—that if they could not accomplish that end through the “proper” channels, then by way of  mass resignations and information leaks.
The FBI has been ruled by political parties for decades. Now they face having to build  probably the single largest criminal case since the FBI was first chartered, starting with the Clintons and their many associates. These criminals have already announced plans to flee the United States in their jets–paid for and fueled by money stolen from the American people–and we have you to thank for it.
You vindicated courageous people, once dubbed by the Clintons as “conspiracy theorists,” who have been sounding the alarm about the corruption and greed in Washington for years. It is these very same people who have also been mocked and ridiculed for their beliefs. Some of them have even been ruined by daring to speak out. Thanks to you, their views aren’t so outlandish to the American people any more. They are finally beginning to see that the conspiracy theorists weren’t so far out in left field after all.
It was the U.S. government who told us that the Sandy Hook massacre, when 20 school children ages six and seven were fatally shot, was real. But the evidence later showed it to be an Obama-funded hoax created to support their gun control agenda. They told us that the terrorist group, al Qaeda, really existed and that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. But again, the evidence later showed it was an idea invented by the CIA to scare Americans into funding a war in the Middle East and handing over our rights to privacy in, and out of, our homes. It is actions such as these which have caused an almost irreparable distrust in the American government.
It has long been said that “The pen is mightier than the sword.” The problem is, in this case, the pen doesn’t appear to be working. Many Americans have had enough with our words constantly falling on deaf ears. We’re ready to commit more than just words, Mr. Trump. We’re ready to do our part in taking back America. We have started by voting in record numbers, yet it may not be enough.
Americans have been clamoring for change for a long time now. While we’ve largely been ignored, our numbers have only increased. As this movement to get out from under the thumb of the ruling elite in America has reached critical mass, we’re ready to take back our country.
You, Mr. Trump, have helped give us the courage to stand up for what is right. You’ve helped expose the underbelly of the elite and awakened a sleeping giant. You’ve helped give us hope that there’s still a way back to the America we once knew and loved–an America that we were proud to call home.
Will we have to use force to take back our country? Unfortunately, it may be the only language Washington understands. We will attempt to make ourselves heard through our votes. If our votes won’t stand up against the voter fraud and illegal rigging of our electoral system, then we will demand investigations by impartial parties to reveal the truth behind the fraud. If that truth results in impeachment of people in high places, so be it. Whatever is required to take back our America. Mr. Trump, you said it wasn’t going to be easy. Don’t back down now. The American people are behind you. We are finally awake.
We stand united with you.