“The Hunt” Movie Outrage Leads to Cancellation

Hollywood has always been infected by toxic Liberalism. Most media produced by them is blatantly anti-conservative and (to an extent) we’ve gotten used to this treatment. However, their latest film “The Hunt” (which WAS set to release this fall) went too far.

If you haven’t already heard about it, the movie’s premise revolves around a group of “deplorables” thrown into a hunting arena. This is no ordinary arena; it’s a resort where wealthy Liberal globalists hunt and kill these captured individuals for sport. The demographics of the abducted match traditional conservatives, and “deplorables” mirrors Hillary Clinton’s blatant insult of Trump supporters in 2016.

Make no mistake about the filmmaker’s intention: this is a movie about the Left hunting Trump supporters for pure enjoyment. And the hypocrisy is astounding. They claim to be anti-violence and anti-gun while promoting a movie about hunting people who don’t agree with you!!

One certainly doesn’t have to look at Twitter for long to find justified outrage against this violent piece of Left-Wing propaganda.

Thankfully, the quick and decisive backlash from social media users resulted in Universal Pictures canceling the film’s release. Here are some of the highlights that convinced the greedy Hollywood entity to act a little more reasonably.

This movie is truly disgusting and terrifying. It’s sickening how such a film can exist in this day and age.

Even Trump sees the blatant hateful agenda of the Left.

Some claim that this move is the devil’s work. Are they wrong?

This user points out the connection between the movie’s studio Universal Pictures and their parent companies: Comcast and NBC.

An astute observation of the Left’s hypocrisy and bigotry.

Southern Baptist Pastor Robert Jeffress goes on FOX News to discuss how horrid this film truly is.

Republican nominee who ran against Gavin Newsom (CA Governor) in 2018 also shares his outrage against “The Hunt.”

Twitter is all but filled to the brim with protests against “The Hunt.” Hollywood heard the Right’s message loud and clear and prevented the hate-filled film from seeing the light of day. If “The Hunt” was allowed to air in theaters, then there’s no telling what depravity Hollywood could get away with next.

If it makes it to a streaming service in the future, we’ll be sure to let you know so your voices can help stop that too!

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